Kelsey Williams, a.k.a Killa Kels, might be the new
kid on the block - but don’t let that fool you. The Toronto-based DJ’s determination has driven her to become a familiar face
in the city’s entertainment industry in a short timespan. Spinning at the hottest events and working with an established roster of clientele, she is rapidly building her name as one
of the most popular DJs in the city. During the 2016
NBA All-Star Weekend held in Toronto, she left no stone unturned working with clients such as NIKE and Jordan Brand. 

In an industry dominated by her male counterparts, Killa Kels has proven that she can rise to the occasion with her finesse, confidence, and personal style. She continues to build her name and skill through her ongoing mentorships with some of the more seasoned DJs and industry heads within the

Toronto scene. Her consistency in showcasing her dynamism has quickly made her a fan favourite across a diverse audience. Fun, edgy, and versatile, Killa Kels has the potential to rise to the big leagues and has no intention of slowing down the beat.